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Every participant in Wallet1000 needs to be associated with a plan and all reporting and metrics can be viewed on a plan-by-plan basis.

Plans Index

Plan Index

The plan index shows a list of each of your clients and as well as a few metrics.

Plan Metrics

On the plan index page you can see a few of the higher-level plan metrics and compare plans at a glance.

Total Participants

This is the number of participants in the system who have either created an account themselves or been added by you.

Live Participants

This is the number of participants in the plan who have accessed their Wallet1000 account.

Participant Engagement

The participant engagement rate (PER) measures the number of participants in a plan that you have either had a meeting with, had a phone call with, or have emailed. This defaults to measuring the last 90 days.

The participant engagement rate is larger over longer time periods (e.g. annual engagement rate will be larger than quarterly engagement rate).

Retirement Readiness

The number of participants projected to meet their retirement income goal based on their age, current savings rate, and the number of years until retirement. This uses the “age-based” method of projecting returns.