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Email templates are one of the more powerful features of the Wallet1000 Participant Engagement Platform. They allow you to save time by creating templates for emails that you find yourself sending over and over. They can be customized using the simple Liquid templating language.

Template Directory

When you click Settings / Templates you will see two sections:

  1. Company Templates which are templates that you and others in your company have shared.
  2. Your Templates which are templates that you created.

Creating a Template

After clicking on the New Template button you will see a form where you fill in the template name, the email subject line, and the body of the email.

Email Template

On the right side of the screen you will see a list of the all of the custom fields you can use as well as examples of how to use them. Additionally you customize your content based on next steps that the participant may or may not have completed and, for follow up emails, based on the tags that you used on the phone call or meeting that you are following up on.