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Searching for a Participant

Typically if you are going to meet with a participant, or you are taking a call from a participant, you are going to want to pull up their profile. You can do so by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and then start typing the participant’s name or email address.

Participant Search

Filtering Participants

Filter Participants

If you click on Participants in the menu you can get a list of all of the participants in the system. Since there might be a lot of them it doesn’t display any at first. Instead you need to filter them.



Select a single plan or select multiple plans by holding down the control key on Windows or the command key on the Mac.

Personal Advisor

This is helpful if you want to get only a list of the participants that you are responsible for.

Next Steps

The next steps filter option allows you to only select participants who have not completed all of their next steps. This might be useful should you want to send follow up emails to participants who have outstanding tasks. (e.g. you report on completed next steps in plan reviews and would like to increase the numbers)


This is the most powerful of the available participant filters and is useful to find people that you have met with (or people you haven’t) that you would like to follow up with.

This activity filter is comprised of three fields:

  1. Activity Yes or No
  2. Date One
  3. Date Two

The first (Activity Yes or No) checks whether there is or is not activity in the date range you entered. For example, if you wanted to see people you have not had any contact with in the last month you would use:

  • Activity Yes Or No: No
  • Date One: is greater than or equal to
  • Date One: The date one month ago
  • Date Two: Don’t touch as it does not apply if Date Two is not entered
  • Date Two: Leave blank

If you wanted to see a list of participants that you met or spoke with last month:

  • Activity Yes Or No: Yes
  • Date One: is greater than or equal to
  • Date One: The first of last month
  • Date Two: is less than or equal to
  • Date Two: The last day of last month

Creating a New Participant

If you would like to record activity (call, email, meeting) with a participant who has not created a Wallet1000 account then you can do that by clicking on the New Participant button that is at the top of the Participant Engagement Platform.

There are four fields and all are required:

  1. Email address (This needs to be unique. If you didn’t get one from the participant then we recommend you use firstnamelastname@example.com as the example.com domain silently drops inbound email so that you don’t get any automatic replies to system emails that state the email address doesn’t exist.)
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Plan