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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Positive participant outcomes

Help your participants succeed

These tactics will help you ensure that your 401(k) participants succeed

  • Personalize materials and communications
  • Set measurable goals
  • Put a plan on paper
  • Describe what success looks like
  • Be there when needed

Plan sponsors pay for participant success whether that be on the returns on the investment lineup you pick or the service that you provide their employees. The more success they see the happier they are and the more testimonials and referrals they’ll give you. Participant success is the bedrock on which to build your 401(k) practice.

The five-day Wallet1000 Positive Participant Outcomes email course gives you some very simple strategies that will help change your participants’ behavior and inspire them to take action! Topics covered include:


Make communications personal by using the participant’s name and, if you can, customizing the content based on the participant’s age, account balance, contributions, etc. Don’t forget to introduce yourself with a sentence or two. Leverage technology to make this scale.

Goal setting

Knowing what a participant aims to achieve is key to helping them move from Point A to Point B. Many times a participant has not even defined them for themselves. What sounds like a monetary goal at first often, with a little conversation, turns out to be anything but. Connecting the plan you lay out with their emotional foundation for their goals will help them stay on track.


Breaking plans down into a series of smaller, actionable, and measurable steps makes it easier for the participant to make progress. Each step completed builds momentum.


As an industry we run a lot of projections but to most people numbers are abstract without some context. Help participants understand what dollar figures translate to and how sacrifices to their current lifestyle change their lifestyle in retirement.


Let participants know that you’re not just here for them today but that you’re going to be there for them tomorrow as well. Check on their progress and help keep them on track.

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Will Johnson

Positive Participant Outcomes

Take your participant education to a new level with this free course about guiding participants to positive outcomes.